Paris Underground – Sunday Jazz Series

Paris Underground Sunday Jazz Series

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As the sun begins to set on Sunday, March 18, venture underground to Paris Room where the night will come alive with vibrant jazz music. Enjoy a four-course meal with a pre-selected entree and a cash bar while listening to jazz ensemble Blu Monsoon.

Paris Underground – Sunday Jazz Series
where the mood is speakeasy cool

Paris Room will provide an intimate, speak-easy type of atmosphere. Note that if you are seated at a table, it may be with others who you do not know. But, by the end of the evening, everyone will feel like they shared delectable food, delicious beverages, exhilarating entertainment and amusing conversation with a special group of friends.
SEATING OPTIONS: when purchasing tickets, please select either table or bar seating. Limited selections of both are available.
ENTRÉE SELECTION: when purchasing tickets, please select an entrée choice from the following options:
(Selections include chive mashed yukon gold potatoes, selected vegetables)

Chicken Crepes – chicekn, mushroom, asparagus, Gruyere cheese, Béchamel sauce
Small cut Prime Rib – (served Medium Rare only), chive mashed Yukon gold potatoes
Madam Springs’ Signature Lamb Meatloaf – with mushroom, Kalamata olive, bleu cheese, honey Dijon mustard, chive mashed Yukon gold potatoes
Vegetable Crepes – with roasted asparagus, toasted almonds, honey, Gruyere, Béchamel sauce

Also included with dinner:
– Paris Room House Salade
– Chef Brooke’s chocolate wonder

TO PURCHASE MULTIPLE TICKETS WITH DIFFERENT ENTREES: Choose the first entree option and click “purchase tickets.” On the next screen (PayPal shopping cart) click on “Continue Shopping” in the upper righthand corner. You will be redirected back to the event page where you can choose the 2nd ticket’s entree. Continue the process until you have everyone’s tickets and dinner selections in your shopping cart, then click “check out.”

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