The Ohio Innocence Project

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The Ohio Innocence Project
Grace, perseverance, and forgiveness
Nancy Smith, exoneree
Raymond Towler, exoneree
Pierce Reed, Policy Coordinator & Systems Liaison , Ohio Innocence Project

For the second lecture of the Chautauqua-in-Chagrin™ lecture series, we welcome two of the Exonerees from the Ohio Innocence Project, Nancy Smith and Raymond Towler, to engage in an evening of conversation about how creating art made a lasting impact on their lives while wrongly incarcerated. Here is a brief description of the Ohio Innocence Project from co-founder and director Mark Godsey:

Welcome to the Ohio Innocence Project at Cincinnati Law, where our goal is simple: we want to free every innocent person in Ohio who has been convicted of a crime they didn’t commit.

We’re proud to be a part of the University of Cincinnati, where we made our home in 2003. Since our inception, our work has led to the release of 28 wrongfully convicted Ohioans, who collectively served over 525 years behind bars. That makes us one of the top-performing members among the international Innocence Network.

Our work includes helping develop and advocate for lasting criminal justice reform through legislation as well as launching Ohio Innocence Project University, an active network of student groups at colleges across the state.

– Mark Godsey, Co-Founder & Director, Ohio Innocence Project

All combined, the 28 men and women exonerated thanks to the work of the Ohio Innocence Project at Cincinnati Law served nearly a half a millennium behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Twenty-eight lives forever wronged by the criminal justice system transformed into countless prayers answered and family members reunited.

Please join Chagrin Arts as we welcome two of the Exonerees from this program, Nancy Smith and Raymond Towler, and moderator Pierce Reed to engage in an evening of conversation about the art they created while in prison, and even though they do not still create art, it has significance to them. Their works will be displayed at Federated Church, here at Chagrin Arts in the Wenk Gallery, and Valley Arts Center. incarcerated and failed by the United States Justice System. To learn more about this organization by following the link provided: https://law.uc.edu/real-world-learning/centers/ohio-innocence-project-at-cincinnati-law.html